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Chernihiv region


Ukraine monument to Hetman Ivan Mazepa and Charles XII of Sweden King Gustav. The monument is set in the village Dihtyarivka (Novgorod-Seversky district) 11 September 2008 at the top of the hill on the site of the first meeting of prominent public figures. October 30, 1708 a historic meeting here hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa and Swedish King Charles XII Gustav, which was decided on the formation of a military-political alliance and joint action against Tsar Peter I to create an independent Ukrainian state. The monument has the shape of a bell, which consists of two parts, divided among themselves on a pedestal; left side contains a portrait of King Charles XII of Sweden Gustav and the right - the portrait of Ivan Mazepa. Above each of the parts installed emblems Sweden and Ukraine. Dihtyarivka first mentioned in 1673 in the village of Mazepa remained ruins of the church.

Monument to MV Gogol Nezhine. Did you know that pleated bust of Nikolai Gogol cloak can see the author's portrait sculptures? The uniqueness of the monument to Mykola Gogol Nezhine (author - academician sculpture Parma-Peter Zabila monument was opened on 17 September 1881) is that it was the first sculpture depicting the famous writer in the Russian Empire and the world's first monument Ukrainian writer. Following a long tradition of painters, artist hid in the folds of the cloak Gogol own portrait where artists usually put his signature - right at the bottom. A small facet on the folds of the robe seems dark and smooth, but delicately composed and artfully made relief faces at some point inspection reveals a portrait of fifty Zabily Parma. Land contour folds brushing Profile: forehead, hilly nose, lips, beard. The outlines of faces massive outline, proudly planted the head. Soft shadows modulate convex forehead, hair, high cheekbones and deep-set eyes. Top right is the autograph: "P. Zabello "and below - the date" 1881 ".

The first monument vegetables in Ukraine. Monument Nizhyn cucumbers (author Leonid Vorobyev, m. Nizhin), made in the form of tubes pohribtsya and cucumber, in an original way uslavlyuye this "popular delicacy" and his masters pickles. Granite cucumber weighing more than 50 kilograms and the block on which it is made, brought from Italy.


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